• Böker Manufaktur Solingen Savannah 1674 Hunting Knife (120820)
  • Böker Manufaktur Solingen Savannah 1674 Hunting Knife (120820)

Böker Manufaktur Solingen Savannah 1674 Hunting Knife (120820)

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Ever since we were founded by Heinrich Böker in 1869, we have considered ourselves a manufacturer with historical awareness. With 148 years of uninterrupted company history in Solingen, we feel as committed to our heritage and tradition as we are to innovation and modern technology. The extremely versatile model range of the Böker knife manufactory in Solingen underlines this business philosophy. Böker Mexico was founded in 1865 by Robert Böker , Heinrich's cousin. The company is still owned by the Böker family, now in its 4th generation. On the 150th anniversary of Böker Mexico we obtained access to very interesting documents of which we had previously not been aware and which placed the history of the Böker brand in a new light. Back in Solingen, we immediately consulted historians from the Bergisches Land and after some calculation and verification found out that that the Böker family first registered the coat of arms with the famous tree as "private brand" in 1674. This historic coat of arms features a green tree on silver field at the shore of a blue river. We see this as a direct reference to the whetstones which were water-powered even then. The thus were able to prove that the history of the Böker tree is at least 343 years old!

Of course we took this discovery as an occasion to design a special limited edition to celebrate the year of the trademark registration appropriately. We chose Amboina root wood for the uniform scales of the edition models, one of the most popular wood types which is used here only stabilized. The finely stropped blades come with the traditional Solingen blade finish. The selection of models includes classics as well as important models in more recent history. Every knife is strictly limited to 343 pieces. Delivery with a certificate and individual serial number.

The Boker Savannah is a professional hunting and outdoor knife with a massive blade and elegant lines. The design by Armin Stutz, from the Austrian knife forge SteirerEisen, was developed in collaboration with professional rangers based on intensive experience in big game hunting in South Africa. The solid blade has an exceptional two-tone finish and is made of the cobalt-alloyed N690. With high quality leather sheath.

Total Length: 9.0 in
Blade length: 4.6 in
Blade thickness: 0.10 in
Weight: 6.7 oz

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